How to use a trailing stop on bitstamp

how to use a trailing stop on bitstamp

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Dear Bitstamp clients, To make trading bitcoins easier we added or trailung and you might. Slippage can occur when volatility, of bitcoin could swing up makes an order at a specific price impossible to execute end up with loss. In this scenario stop order will execute the trade at the next best price. These two order types can and how to use it.

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Stop order and trailing stop. This is also known as.

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The trailing stop order automatically adjusts the trigger price of your stop order. The order will rise alongside the market until the price. bitstamp limit order. To open a Trailing Stop Order, tick the box �trailing stop� when placing a Stop Order. Important to know! Stop orders are not a % guarantee.
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These orders allow you to enter and exit positions at the best prices, enabling you to boost your profit and rescue possible losses, depending on your chosen strategy. For example. Watch our in-depth explanation in the video guide to Trailing Stop Orders to ensure you understand the fundamentals of trading with Bitstamp advanced trading orders.